I’m offering coaching in drama, because this exercise demands a focus, a strict concentration and discipline– which somehow is a neglected area among people of many ages. Drama coaching in schools, firms, educational institutions, entrance examinations for Drama Schools.

It’s all about being present. What is your force of personality? What’s your goal? What do you want to say, with or without words? Play the situation – we are not interested to know where you come from, but who you are right now.

In the center of it all is the power of imagination, status, direction, statement – no literary explanation, no getting lost. Laugh, cry, be furious, accuse or feel pity – but do it short and concisely with the purpose of planting a indelible impression on the receiver.

The words you choose to say are of significant importance, because it says all about what you choose to stand for in a brief moment –  a moment that maybe can change your life. Again, be honest, because we want to see who you are, not how clever you are.

I like coaching and developing the change of your expression. You are both the motor and promotor of your work. Relax and enjoy it!