Speak & Indtaling

I burn to pass on material that is conductive to people. Devotional info that brings us a bit further in our understanding of everything. We have to communicate with the language. Recording audio books, reading to an audience, is an important communicator.

Recording of audio books: Tom Buck Swienty ’Slaughter Bench Dybbøl’, ’Judgment Day Als’ and ’Captain Dinesen 1-2’ . Bent Haller ’The Mentally Retarded Class’, and 40-50 others.

Voice test:


Reading to an audience: Det Danske Proust Selskab ’På sporet af den tabte tid’.

Cartoon Dubbing: The clones in ’Clone Wars’ and North in ’Rise Of The Guardians’, John Manley in ‘Black Beauty’, and many others

E-learning:  e-learning programmes and guided speaks.