Henrik Jandorf

          Who am I? My effort in this inkarnation will contribute to serve this planet and its inhabitants. It sounds big, but in simpler terms it means that I’ll work with regularity of Planet Earth, not against it. This gives me good days and a good life. To help another person or a case, instead of fighting others. Confronted with opinions opposite our own, these different point of views could in best case represent approaches  from which we could learn a lot.

          I have studied Esoteric Philosophie for 20 years, in modern terms ‘The Context Of Everything’, which, together with other genuine and universal philosophies, gives a logical and balanced possibility to make the right decisions. Independant of organised religious beliefs this philosophie offers the crucial purpose: The ultimate purpose to obtain in any inkarnation is creating a bridge between our lower and higher consciousness. When this is clear we can go to the next phase with peace in our minds. 

Born 28-01-1954 – education State Drama School, Copenhagen 1978

Freelance, 20 years at The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen 1995-2015

Special skills: weapon, horseback riding, roller skates, all sport

Sprog: english, swedish, norwegian, german, some french

Music: composer, singer, lyricist, performer, piano, keyboards, guitar

Kontakt: Tlf – +45-30234432   Email – info@henrikjandorf.dk