Tones, frequencies, represent something living. My passion is to investigate a musical universe, which is infinitely like the Space. It is vital, because music is one of the art forms, that has the greatest impact on the human state of mind – and basically music, taste, is almost impossible to discuss, because one person likes the same tone, another person dislikes. No matter what we have to respect different points of view.

Music is a sharp balance – one second we are taken to the Galaxy, the next second we are back on the road. Harmony exists only, because disharmony exists.

I am a composer, lyricist, singer, performer. I love to work with most genres: Grandiose, symphonic rock music, high-flown ballads, straight pop music, filmmusic etc.

Inspiration: Shostakovich, Ravel, Zappa, Bowie, Prince, Michael J, Beatles, Madonna, and many others.

Zum Beispiel

In The beginning